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Cha cha stinks

March 19th, 2007 at 05:45 pm

Cha cha can bite me. I got an email today saying my account had been deactivated for "engaging in frivolous chat." Apparently you aren't allowed to have a conversation with the people who are searching. Even if they want to have one with you.

On top of that, I put in a lot of time and had over $50 worth of searches. They won't even pay me for that. I am furious.


March 17th, 2007 at 09:15 pm

I forgot to add 0.50 for pennies I rolled today Smile

Previous total: 1274.76
Money today: 0.50
New total: 1275.26

Challenge Money

March 17th, 2007 at 09:10 pm

I have $20 to add to the challenge from DH's uncle from gas.

I also am making a good bit of money on cha cha as a guide. The more trained you get the more searches you get, and then you make more money. I am up to almost $50. Smile

Previous total: 1254.76
Money today: 20.00
New total: 1274.76

Challenge Money

March 16th, 2007 at 03:37 pm

We sold DS's Gameboy Advance on Amazon. Our total profit was 46.35. I transferred that to my ING today Smile

The cha cha thing is going pretty good. I haven't been able to do it much in the oast couple days b/c I am having problems with java on my laptop, but I have made around $33. Smile I am not cashing it out yet though.

Previous total: 1208.41
Money today: 46.35
New total: 1254.76

Cha Cha

March 12th, 2007 at 09:15 pm

Here is more detail about what a cha cha guide is for anyone interested.

"Cha Cha is a new search engine. What makes it different from other search engines is that the users have the opportunity to search with a guide. The guide is a real person in real time that communicates with them via chat and finds their results for them. Many times we may perform a search and instead of getting the results most relevant to what we are looking for, we instead get whichever pages hold the keywords and are ranked the highest. Just think, when this happens you can now communicate with a real person who is an expert in the topic you are seeking and have them direct you to the site you are looking for.

I did a few searches with a guide when they first launched and the process is slower than when you do it on your own. However, the results are more relevant so I think it balances out with the time you would spend tweaking your keywords and doing other searches.

A Cha Cha guide gets paid anywhere from $5-$20, or even $30, per hour. You can work whenever you want as much or as little as you like. You can also earn from your "downline," people you invite to also work as Cha Cha guides. You can earn up to 10% of what they make. So, it is like an MLM in that way. And it is a new MLM. New MLM's are good because if you are one of the first, you will have many people working under you.

Don't fret if you are interested but do not know anyone who works as a guide to invite you. I added a Cha Cha section to our new forums just for this purpose (and for Cha Cha guides to shoot the breeze, vent, or what have you). You can also find guides ready to offer you an invite on just about any of the active work at home forums on the web.

Once you have your invite, the process is a little intimidating (or at least it was for me) because you donít find any information on the job. Instead, you are immediately thrown into the application process. You fill in your personal information, your tax information, and you download an application onto your computer to be used in your work. You also choose three keywords, things you are pretty well versed in, to start out working with. You then fill in your personal profile (should you want to) and you have access into the training section (finally!) where you can watch videos that teach you the ins and outs of working as a guide. Once you reach Master Level Status, you can then invite others and create your downline.

If you havenít already, visit Cha Cha and try out their guided search!"


I have a few invites if anyone is genuinely interested. They don't give out invites much from what I hear.

More Money and Cha Cha

March 12th, 2007 at 08:48 pm

I have become a cha cha guide to make some extra money for savings. Lots of pranking. Keeps me entertained. Smile What these people don't realize is we get paid whether you have a valid search or not. LOL

I have a 14.00 check from surveyspot.com to add today and 16.00 dollar bills I have been saving this week to add to savings.

Previous total: 1178.41
Money today: 30.00
New total: 1208.41

Messed Up

March 12th, 2007 at 05:11 pm

I messed up transferring money into my ING. I knew it would happen eventually. I put a deposit in the bank and accidentally transferred all of it to my ING which was not my intention. I am just going to leave it that way and be more careful that time. The difference is $51.

Previous total: 1127.41
Money today: 51.00
New total: 1178.41

One More Dollar

March 7th, 2007 at 08:00 pm

I found a dollar in a bank envelope in my pocketbook. I am putting it into my challenge money. I will deposit this tomorrow so I can start earning interest on all the money instead of having a bunch of it in an envelope at home.

Previous total: 1127.41
Money today: 1.00
New total: 1128.41


March 7th, 2007 at 07:55 pm

I finally have got my ebay stuff straight. Everything I sold was actually paid for pretty quickly except for one. Still no payment so I reported them to ebay. After shipping fees, paypal fees, and ebay fees I made $38.48. Not too bad considering most of it was stuff I had just lying around. I can't wait until it gets warmer and I can have a yard sale. Smile Then I can get of a bunch more stuff I don't want any more.

DH sold DS's Game Boy SP on amazon also. He discovered he didn't need it any more because the Nintendo DS we got him for Christmas plays Game Boy games. As soon as that gets deposited in our checking account (which takes forever) I will transfer it into ING.

Previous total: 1088.83
Money today: 38.58
New total: 1127.41

ING Interest

March 7th, 2007 at 06:38 pm

I am adding my interest paid from my ING account for February. A whole $1.14. LOL

Previous total: 1087.69
Money today: 1.14
New total: 1088.83

More Change

March 6th, 2007 at 12:37 pm

I have a roll of nickels, a roll of dimes, and three dollar bills to add to the challenge money. I wish I knew hoe much changed I had saved up. I can't tell since a lot of it has gone into the bank and been transferred to my ING. I am going to go back though my journal and see if I can figure it out. Smile

Previous total: 1077.69
Money today: 10.00
New total: 1087.69

We Love Bellsouth!

March 3rd, 2007 at 10:10 pm

More money in the mail today from Bellsouth Big Grin. My DH said we will get $50 more from them and a gift card to Wal Mart but not for a while. I can't believe how much we have saved in just about 2 months!

Previous total: 877.69
Money today: 200.00
New total: 1077.69

Check From Bellsouth

March 2nd, 2007 at 03:59 pm

Bellsouth sent us a check for $125 for switching our phone service to them. We were paying $130 a month for our cable and internet, and then another $30 a month for our phone service through Vonage. We switched to a package from Bellsouth and DirecTV that will only cost us $100 a month for the three. Not only are we saving $60 a month, but we will be getting close to $500 in rewards from them for switching. I also have $10 to add from the gas money Dh gets weekly.

Previous total: 742.69
Money today: 135.00
New total: 877.69

Oh yeah...

March 1st, 2007 at 06:13 pm

I am challenging myself to only spend $250 this month on groceries. If I find that its very easy, I will lower it for April. I have been budgeting $100 a week, but I don't need that much. I am going to try to add whatever extra I have left over to the challenge.

Still here

March 1st, 2007 at 06:11 pm

I am still around. I have been off work on vacation all week. I have been making tons of new things and learning how to cook from scratch. I have been getting tons of advice at frugalvillage.com. I haven't had much to add to my savings lately. I sold some stuff on ebay and am just waiting for some payments to come in before I transfer that. For today I do have a roll of quarters, two rolls of pennies, and 7 dollar bills.

Previous total: 724.69
Money today: 18.00
New total: 742.69