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A good day :D

February 25th, 2007 at 05:36 pm

(If you should happen to read on the frugalvillage boards, this a copy of what I posted there.)

I had the BEST day today. LOL I shopped at two Goodwills and got some pretty good deals.

First store in Mooresville: (This store is brand new and was WAY overpriced on a lot of stuff. Some stuff was the same price or higher than it would be new. And then there cookbooks were $3 each.
- 3 Road Sign Adhesive Hooks. These match the road sign curtains I got at another Goodwill on Monday perfect. I have a pair of curtains I didn't list on ebay that I may hang in my son's room and use these hooks.
- A new with tags t-shirt for me that says "Trust me. I'm a lawyer."
- An Adidas t-shirt for me
- A new with tags shirt for DD with The Beatles on it
- Two more shirts for DD, one from The Children's Place (Other is Sonoma. I think that is Target??)
- A very nice pair of dress shoes for DD
- A like new pair of pants for DS with an adjustable waist and cargo pockets
- A Starter Athletics pullover for DS

Total: $19.22

Second Store in Cornelius:
- Pokemon book for DS
- Book for DD
- A cute set of magnets my DD wanted
- An adorable black and white skirt from Oshkosh for DD
- A really pretty Healthtex shirt for DD
- A Hulk shirt for DS
- A Batman shirt for DS
- A Guinness shirt for DH
- A really funny shirt for myself, looks new. I won't write what it says LOL
- A reed diffuser from Pier 1 (smells so good)
- (SO proud of this!) A BEAUTIFUL Easter dress for my daughter. Nicer than the one I bought at Wal Mart for $20. I will take that one back and put the money in my savings.
- And my favorite thing, a wooden folding TV tray that is the prefect size and height to hold my laptop while I am on the couch

Total: $27.02

On top of these great deals I did great on my grocery shopping. My total was $289.56. With my bonus card and stack of coupons I spent $158.24 (before taxes). I got a TON of stuff too. (I will list in another post some of the deals I got.)

Then as if it could get better (LOL) we had been searching at Goodwill for a nighstand table for my side of the bed. We had just got home and were putting up our groceries when my MIL called and asked us if we wanted a nighstand table she had! It has a magazine holder on one side, a little slide out table, and plenty of room to hold my junk.

Days don't get much better than this one. LOL

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